Sunday, May 3, 2009

Global Marijuana March - Eugene - 2009


As usual... NPO's free use with photo credit. All others must pay! But not much...

All photos © Allan Erickson

Art Livermore

Art, Joe, Will, and Shawn

Ed Glick

Dave Seber

Will I Am

Brian Michaels

Mayor Kitty Piercy, interviewed by KMTR

Mayor Kitty reading her Eugene Medical Marijuana Awareness Week Proclamation


Shawn Flury



Jim Greig



Jim Klahr said...

Great work and thanks for being there for those who can't or must be elsewhere.
You are blessed with a wonderful mayor.

Jim Klahr

SteveHeath said...

Somebody needs to be yanking that camera from the hands of Our Humble Reporter and reversing it back for at least a moment so we can keep the friendly and inspiring image of AE fresh in our minds for the coming year


Clearwater FL

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking and posting these Allan.

Lee B., Portland

Unknown said...

Great Photos Allan!!

It doesn't look nearly as wet as it was.